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Garmin Nuvi Receiver

Comes with internal memory of 200 MByte, multimedia features (including a MP3 player + photo / JPEG viewer) and the GPS 260W receiver seems sensitive enough to make a very interesting product for Nuvi owned. Especially with a fairly light weight (144gr) and not too big in dimensions, allowing the laying of these devices attached to the glass strong enough to use the car handled the accompanying device. Touch screen (touchscreen) which had also enables users to interact with the virtual keypad is therein. Vritual buttons are large enough so as to facilitate users in performing the selection of the aliases to reduce the possibility of a press when pressing the desired button.

GPS 260W receivers that have been in it enough to build in sensitive receiving signals from GPS satellites besides that it also has a satellite acquiring time fast enough compared to Garmin products predecessors. This is because the Garmin GPS receiver uses SiRF’s who’s been known to be sensitive enough capacity to receive signals from GPS satellites. We test the car in the glass protected by V-Kool Film, shows that the GPS can receive signals well enough, while GPS (Garmin) others are not able to detect it at all. One thing that certainly can save money because there is no need of re-radiating antenna for cars with any brand of glass film. Indoor reception is still far better than its predecessor Garmin GPS.