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Garmin Nuvi 765T

The Garmin Nuvi 765T is one of the newer widescreen GPS units (Announced in August) in the Nuvi line at this writing and offers several key upgrades over the Nuvi 760 offering that I think are useful and worth consideration when shopping for a GPS. I firmly believe that text to speech and widescreen GPS units are worth paying the additional money for, and being at the high end of the Garmin line, the Nuvi 765T has both. That’s not all though, as Garmin has seen their way to adding in a few other goodies to keep people interested and enticed enough to put the Nuvi 765 high on their list.

Let’s take a look at the features of the Garmin Nuvi 765T to see what it has to offer….

The key features that the Garmin Nuvi 765T has that are above and beyond the Nuvi 760 are:

Free Lifetime Traffic – The “T” designator gets you lifetime traffic on the units. A strategic change for Garmin who has had a subscription model on their units until now. The Nuvi 765T has TMC Traffic. The Free traffic is supported by ads that appear on your GPS. Now before you say “I don’t want any ads on my new GPS!” you should understand that they are pretty unobtrusive and only show up if you are sitting still for more than 10 seconds.

Lane Assist – “Know the Lane Before it’s Too Late” – Garmin brings Lane Assist to its line, which I think is great. It helps you decide which ramp to take when you hit complicated highway situations. I like this a lot and I think that on any intersection that is slightly more complicated than a standard exit ramp, the image that reflects reality makes a big difference when you are navigating in unfamiliar territory.

3-D Buildings – Garmin is now bringing 3-D buildings to the Nuvi 7X5T line with semi-transparent representations of the actual buildings that are there. Cool stuff; a fun new development that will continue to make the GPS view look like the view out your windshield.

Faster Route Calculations – Garmin has changed how and when it calculates routes for the Nuvi 765T and others in this release. The routes are calculated sooner – like when you select a Point of Interest, and so when you hit “Go” it is probably mostly done with the calculation. It makes for a much better experience; a LOT less time tapping your fingers at the end of the driveway for longer routes.

HotFix – This is Garmin’s terminology for a technology that speeds satellite acquisition times. This technology has the unit remembering where the satellites will be up to three days into the future so that when you turn it on, the time to satellite lock is a LOT faster.

Other Great Features:

Text to Speech – of course this higher end unit has text to speech, and it offers a good set of voices that you can use with different accents, etc.

North American Maps – comes with Maps of the US and Canada as well as Puerto Rico.

Bluetooth HandsFree – This allows you to use the Garmin as a handsfree unit for your Bluetooth enabled phone. This is the key difference between the Nuvi 755T and the Nuvi 765T units. I have used Bluetooth handsfree capabilities on numerous Garmin units with my iPhone Blackberry and various Moto phones with great success. You can check phone compatibility at the Garmin Website. Unlike some GPS units, the protocols that Garmin uses allows you to import your phonebook off the phone as well as “recent” phone calls making the Garmin a nice hub of calling capability. The pairing of the GPS and the phone is easy and can be done by most people without the use of any manual.

Optimized Routes – The Nuvi 700 series offers a nice feature that allows you to enter in several stops along a route, and get the Nuvi to optimize the route for fastest travel. This can be very helpful when doing a lot of work or shopping or house hunting in an unknown area.

Garmin Garage; Download fun car icons – Garmin has opened up the Garmin Garage where you can easily download new “car” icons to your computer and load them into your Nuvi 765T. The process is easy and they offer everything from a kid on a tricycle, a flying slice of pizza to space ships…. oh yea, and a whole bunch of cars too.

I recently took the sister unit of the Nuvi 765T, the 755T out for a 2 week hands on review period, and put together a full review on its capabilities. Check out the Full Review of the Nuvi 755T for more details. As I said the only difference between the Nuvi 755T and the Nuvi 765T is the Bluetooth handsfree feature.