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Garmin 260W GPS system

This is my second Garmin gps system. The model 260W is wide screen 4.3″ display. Easy to read map. I can read the screen better than my Tomtom710. On and off button is slide; unlike the tomtom710 that stuck often(push in)-when it does not booth I have to reset it. I enjoy this one because it speaks street name(turn right on Main Street). My old garmin 200W does not; I often turn too soon or too late because of that! “where am I” feature is nice, I can save the location so I can re-visit. It does take me where I wanted to go plus the price is right.

This gps 260 w is amazing. the screen automatically adjusts to either day, dusk, or night; when it has recalculate, its incredibly fast; it has options for driving, walking, or if your flying an airplane; it says street names and gives directions in plenty of time; it allows one to zoom in so it shows even the little side streets; and it has so many other features… This gps is amazing. It is the first one i have ever had and is so easy operate straight out of the box. If I would have known having one was this great (especially this one in particular), I would have gotten it years ago and saved so much on gas and wasted time.

This Garmin 260w works very well I have had no problems with it. Thanks Amazon for your fast delivery and handling of this purchase. I have used the GPS several times. It works great.It is really good for expressway traffic when exits and turns come up quick. I like the wider 4.3″ screen.