Blue Bird Will Use GPS Made in China

Soon, Blue Bird Group will use the GPS device monitoring and dispatching system made in China for vehicle fleet. This was revealed at the signing of cooperation contract between the GPS and Shanghai Heritage Fleety Communications, Ltd. in the exhibition of equipment and commodity products of China in Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, Friday (20/11). The signing of the contract conducted by the Director Sigit Djokosoetono GPS Heritage and CEO of Communications Shanghai Fleety James Wu.

Shanghai is a provider of Communications Fleety GPS service tracking and dispatching system in China. The company has distributed 125 systems and 70,000 units of Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) to various industries. Including, taxi companies and logistics at the Bamboo Curtain country. In this cooperation, Fleety provides a platform and hardware. Meanwhile, Heritage GPS as a sole distributor in Indonesia and serving after-sales service.
James Wu said the market potential of GPS for fleet and goods transportation in Indonesia is promising. “We hope to capture 50 percent of the total domestic market in Indonesia,” said James Wu.

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