Garmin-2 Asus

Garmin has been known as a tool maker Global Positioning System (GPS), as well as the Asus which sounded louder in the PC industry. But in the event they declare CommunicAsia 2009 in collaboration with the launch of their GPS phones.

There are two products launched this deadly duo, the Nuvifone M20 and G60. Though derived from the same manufacturer, but both these products have a ‘mecca’ different.

Nuvi 260W and the Forerunner 305 is entrusted to use the operating system Windows Mobile Professional 6.1, while the ‘brother’ – G60 – pinned to the Linux operating system.

Sounds strange indeed. The reason for these two operating systems that have understood exactly the opposite. Windows Mobile represents a fixed circle believed proprietary closed-system, while Linux brings open systems.

Apart from the polemic operating system, both products are equally rely on touch-screen capabilities. While a reliable feature of its name, which features a digital map (GPS).

For this one matter, Asus clearly entrust to the partner, Garmin. Beyond providing digital map users are, in the second GPS device is also capable of making a sound to remind user to take the next step.

There was also a feature ‘Where am I? ” is able to show the way for users who are lost. Enough with one click, a place where you are when it will be tracked and displayed on the phone screen Asus concoction.

Even so, a collection of maps on this phone would need to be updated because not all the state maps are provided. What is certain maps fixed phones tailored to the region it was sold. If you then want to be updated can be done via the Garmin website. Unfortunately not free, there is the cost that accompanies it.

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