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GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite navigation system and the positioning owned and managed by the United States. This system is designed to provide position and velocity of three-dimensional as well as information about the time, it continuously throughout the world without depending on the time and weather, for many people simultaneously. We have used GPS have a lot of people around the world in various fields of application that requires information about the position, velocity, acceleration or precise time. GPS can provide position information with accuracy varying from a few millimeters (zero-order) up to tens of meters.


GPS capability

Some GPS capabilities, among others can provide information about the position, velocity, and time quickly, accurately, cheaply, anywhere in the world without depending on the weather. It is important to note that GPS is the only navigation system or a positioning system in some of this century that has such powerful capabilities. Accuracy of GPS can achieve accuracy of a few mm for position, several cm / s for speed and accuracy of a few nanoseconds for the accuracy of the time. Positioning accuracy obtained will depend on several factors namely positioning methods, satellite geometry, the level of data accuracy, and data processing methods.


Items given GPS

In general, GPS is a product of the position, velocity, and time. In addition there are several other products such as acceleration, azimuth, attitude parameters, TEC (Total Electron Content), WVC (Water Vapor Content), Polar motion parameters, as well as some products that need to be combined with external information from other systems, products include high ortometrik , undulasi geoid and vertical deflection.

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